What is Story Alley?

We live in a world that rewards those who have an engaged audience. Having a strong online presence has disproportionate benefits.

It can lead to unbelievable opportunities, accelerate careers and even impact your personal life. We know because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

Yet, it’s not easy to do. Coming up with great content consistently is a challenge. No matter how far along in your journey you are, it can get exhausting. It’s easy to get creatively drained, become inconsistent or stop creating altogether. Needless to say, this is a negative for your personal brand, community and career.

We want to change this. Story Alley delivers audience-building tips & tricks and highly curated resources on building a strong personal brand directly to your inbox, every week.


Leia Ruseva
Co-founder @ Salley
Richard Mensah
Co-Founder at Salley