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I really liked the suggestion that it is OK to take time off to refresh oneself if one's mental health has gotten out of their control and they are struggling with maintaining online presence. I would like to suggest that it is a good time to consider if one's cadence is not unrealistic given their lives overall demands upon them and especially that during that period of break, it is probably a good idea to do some physical activity of some sort that is exhausting as it is awakening the next day from such that I find myself the most refreshed from lingering mental fatigue. What that physical activity looks like for people is going to differ wildly, but I have worked a light amount of such into my life and eliminated my insomnia by walking to the grocery store with a laundry cart and walking my groceries back to where I am living (enabled by the mild climate I live in and the particular city being relatively flat without sudden elevation changes). Even if one values one's productivity more than mental health, a silly thought but to each their own, the careful cultivation of a healthy mind and learning to listen to and address the concerns of the subconscious especially will contribute to significantly better overall output and productivity so attending to it is vital still and you should structure your habits around maintaining it. To put it more simply and using a kitsch analogy, one's mental health will either be a dear friend or our worst enemy if left to scheme in a neglected state (as many default to doing with it). So let it be your friend, I loved this newsletter's message and information. Thanks a lot.

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